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From herbal shop to a beauty brand


Mallory Musallam, director of communications and marketing for the newly released CBD-oil-infused beauty product lines, Sweet Mary Jane and Beard Balm, visits with her mother, Dee Morales, about the family business at a local greenhouse. [PHOTO PROVIDED]


Joyce Morales, 91, says the CBD infused beauty products developed by her family reminds her of her early years when her mother used products from the herbal shop to nourish her skin and alleviate pain. [PHOTO PROVIDED]

Oklahoma City Quail Creek resident Joyce Morales, 91, grew up in Manchester, England, during World War II. She said it was normal then for her mother to visit the herbalist’s shop to buy herbal packets to help relieve her family’s aches and pains.

Today, the spry senior says she again is using herbs to help nourish both her skin and alleviate pain. Morales swears by the benefits of a soothing salve and an anti-aging luxury beauty cream, both infused with CBD oil and sold online under the brand names Sweet Mary Jane and Beard Buzz — brands created by her family.

“Actually, it was a big surprise for me because I knew nothing at all about medical marijuana and CBD oil, but cannabis is also an herb; it’s not made in a laboratory,” Morales said. “I’m in very good health, but I do have migraines and a bit of suffering in my joints. I apply the salve to the left side of my face at night and my migraines hardly last any time at all.”

She said the anti-aging cream also helps to reduce inflammation and her occasional facial skin ablations. The skincare products, Sweet Mary Jane and Beard Buzz, are rich in cannabidiol, but don’t make people high.

Morales’ granddaughter, Mallory Musallam, 31, is also a fan of the luxury beauty products. A marathon runner while attending New York University, the college student had painful shin splints and aching calves.

Musallam said she eventually turned to her father, Dr. L. “Sam” Musallam, for help. Dr. Musallam had practiced family medicine in northwest Oklahoma City for nearly 40 years.

“I tried everything,” Mallory Musallam said. “Supportive arches, YouTube videos, but it was on the advice of my father that I tried CBD oil. He gave me some and it’s the only thing that worked."

Mallory Musallam said father and mother, Dee Morales, decided in 2018 to become business partners. They quickly set to work creating two lines of CBD-oil infused luxury beauty products, Sweet Mary Jane and Beard Buzz.

“My father was a proponent of CBD oil long before Oklahoma considered legalizing it,” Mallory Musallam said. “Our luxury line of products represent the same care and precision my dad demonstrated in caring for his patients. He also put the great care into formulating our CBD products.”

Morales, a veteran television producer for national TV affiliates, said she and her ex-husband were just weeks away from receiving the first boxes of their new product lines when Dr. Musallam suffered a sudden and fatal heart attack in late November.

She said the loss of her former husband of 38 years and father of their three grown children was hard, but she and her daughter decided to move forward with the business.

Mallory Musallam is the new company’s director of communications and marketing.

“CBD oil helps to relieve pain and sleeplessness, increases appetite, and reduces stress and anxiety,” Morales said. “We worked hard on our products and my own mother and others swear by it.”

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