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Social media has changed recruiting


College football recruiting has changed. It changes every year. But it’s really changed in recent years, thanks to social media, and now the presentation of a school’s class on social media has become a major element of the entire process.

OU designed album jackets for each player. OSU drew raves for its video game presentation. The teenagers love it. And that’s why schools do it.

“Yeah,feedback’s been awesome,” Lincoln Riley said. “I guess we just try to show them with that, this place is different. And we’re gonna do things that other people aren’t to highlight you here and help you once you get here. We’re gonna be creative. We’re gonna continue to push the boundaries of this thing. We’ve done some really, really unique things content wise that I think have been great for our recruits.

“I think our fans have really enjoyed it. We’ve heard from a lot of people around the country that nobody’s doing things like what you’re doing. Again, give our recruiting staff a ton of credit. That was their original idea. We’re gonna have a really cool signing day party here in the facility in about an hour and a half with some of our top boosters, all of our coaches just to celebrate all of this. It’s awesome. This is a special day. This is a life changing day for a lot of these kids and we want to do everything we can so they can remember it.

“And it sends a message to all those in the future that this place is gonna do anything and everything for you. What a great idea, and executed beautifully.”

Did you read all of that? The promotion is not just for the players OU signed this week. It’s to draw the attention of future players.

“Really, really proud of our staff, our recruiting staff,” Riley said. “I want to name them by name. Annie Hanson, Drew Hill, Cole Smith, Zack Hefley, Caroline McMurray and Chip Viney. They've been phenomenal throughout this entire process.”

Hansen is executive director of football recruiting. Hill is director of player personnel. Smith is the graphic designer for OU football. Hefley is director of content for OU football, which means he’s formulating many of the digital enterprises with Sooner recruiting. McMurry is recruiting operations coordinator. Viney is a recruiting analyst.

But OSU, too, drew accolades for its video game recruiting presentations. In fact, called Oklahoma State and Ohio State the “coolest” recruiting efforts.

“Two OSUs, Ohio State and Oklahoma State, know the way to every recruit’s heart: video games,” sbnation’s Alex Kirshner wrote. “Recruits love video games. Love. They’re like many of the rest of us. Almost all of them are obsessed with Fortnite. If you ask one of them to run through his favorite play calls and dynastybuilding strategies in the oldNCAA Footballgames, he’ll really get going, even though he was 13 when the last version of that game came out.

“The coolest recruiting graphics of the early signing day, as far as I’m concerned, are the ones that deal with this recruit passion ... it’s hard to stand out in a field where 129 other FBS teams are trying hard to be the most creative of the bunch. But the two OSUs accomplished it by tapping into what players love in 2018 and also what happens to look fresh.”

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